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 happy students

Alexandre Ouvry
Junior National Accountant Manager, French

Alicia truly is the best tutor I could have hoped for. She has made me improve in the language at an incredible pace. Her classes have been perfectly tailored to my needs, identifying weak and strong points. Her varied methods keep making learning the language interesting and entertaining, despite the difficulties met at an advanced level.

I would recommend Alicia to anyone who is eager to learn Spanish. She will know how to push you to the maximum of your limits and the results will speak for themselves.

Matthew Thompson
Primary teacher, British

I have been attending classes with Alicia for over three years now and my Spanish has improved immeasurably since the time I started. After beginning at a relatively basic level I am now at the stage where we spend most of the lesson conversing in Spanish about a wide range of subjects. Whether you are a beginner or already have some understanding of the language I would highly recommend classes with Alicia.

She offers a professional but relaxed environment and her classes are always well prepared and resourced. In my experience one-to-one tuition with a native speaker is the best way to learn a language; you can progress at your own pace and most importantly get plenty of practice at what you actually want to achieve – speaking the language!

Cameron Fraser
Commercial Director, British

As I rapidly approached the ripe old age of 60 I wanted to improve my “pidgeon” Spanish. I found Alicia via LinkedIn and undertook a package of lessons which I have since continued with. Alicia quickly identified how knowledgeable I was… or wasn’t… and has since planned lessons to suit my level.

Although I appreciate the limitations of what you can achieve with only 1 hour per week, I can confidently say Alicia continues to improve my confidence with the language in terms of reading, comprehension and most important of all to me, conversation.

I can happily recommend her as a teacher as she makes you feel comfortable about your level of expertise and irrespective of whatever level you are at Alicia will help you improve.

Matthew Elsworth
Accountant, British

Alicia has a good teaching style that she adapts to your needs as a student, providing a tailored approach specific to you. She is patient, committed and always willing to go the extra mile to help you to learn.

Suzi Kersley
Pre-sales consultant

I have been studying Spanish via private classes for about 4.5 years: the last 2.5 with Alicia. 

With the approach Alicia takes, my Spanish is progressing extremely well, to the extent that I can follow some radio discussions and undertake a wide range of conversations with Spanish friends. My choice, which Alicia accommodates, is a 1 hour lesson each week: one week face to face and one week via Skype. The face to face is grammar and audio, and Skype is a discussion; sometimes I know the subject in advance and sometimes I don’t. Alicia uses a variety of different teaching methods and is particularly good at helping understanding of a complicated subject, especially finding different ways to explain a difficult point.

She is flexible about lesson content, happy to adapt the next lesson to incorporate something I have discovered that has confused me, and is similarly flexible about lesson times when sometimes my work causes me to change a lesson date / time at short notice. I try to do a lot of self study via podcasts and cartoons where Alicia has proved very supportive in finding me web content at the right level.

Edgar Vansóvitz
Mortgage Processor, Latvian

I really enjoy studying Spanish with Alicia because she makes it easy and interesting. Alicia knows exactly how to explain even the most complicated aspects of Spanish. She is also is open for my ideas and suggestions how to structure our lessons and which topics to cover.

Anna Costigan
Accountant, British

I have been learning Spanish with Alicia for 2 years now and I have improved a lot since I first started. I had some Spanish before, but it was fairly limited. I can now hold a reasonable, intermediate level conversation! I find Alicia a great teacher; lessons are relaxed and if I haven't found time to do my homework, there's no retribution, although it is best if you do! 

Alicia prepares a mixture of activities for lessons. The focus is generally on conversation, but it is structured around a topic and we do listening and reading exercises as part of working through the topic. Originally, I wanted to learn Spanish for travel, and I will still use it in Spanish speaking countries, but my lessons have also become a hobby that I simply enjoy and they help me switch off from work and other things!


Alex Dickinson
Vendor Manager, British

I took 1-1 lessons with Alicia for over six months and it was a great experience. My Spanish improved immensely and I gained cultural knowledge of Spain too. The lessons were varied involving many different activities which kept me interested and helped my learning. Highly recommended!

Georgie Cook
Student, British

Alicia is a fantastic tutor who is able to tailor your class to what you need.

She helped me to study for my university speaking and listening modules where I was able to send her work before the class, so she was able to prepare for my following lesson. Therefore she goes beyond class time to help you out.

Also with an easy to understand Spanish accent and her great patience I would highly recommend!


Amanda Stone
Doctor, British

Alicia is a friendly and encouraging tutor and her lessons are always varied and interactive which is the perfect way to learn a new language. She uses a wide range of materials and tailors each lesson to the individual needs of the student.

Alicia also signposts her students to other things in Spanish that might be of interest such as movies, podcasts and music which helps put what is learnt in context. Learning Spanish with Alicia is great and has opened up a whole new world for me... give it a go yourself !

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