Frequently asked questions


Why choose a one-to-one tuition?

Several students have come to me seeking help with their Spanish courses and have eventually decided to keep on their learning with me because they feel they learn more this way.

This is not uncommon. In order to deliver effective systematic Spanish lessons academies often sacrifice the effectiveness of individual learning to meet their programs.

On the other hand, one-to-one classes in Espamundi offer a personal approach always having your needs, interests and capabilities as priorities.

How does the trial lesson work?
The trial lesson is designed to be an introduction session and let the student and the tutor meet each other. During the trial lesson, the tutor will be able to know more about your level, priorities and goals. This also gives the opportunity to agree on schedules.
How long will it take me to learn Spanish?

That is a very common question. The truth is that this varies from student to student. But from my experience, those students that dedicate their free time to learn Spanish combined with several lessons per week are the most successful.

For example, one of my students had to learn Spanish from scratch to move to Costa Rica within 3 months for professional reasons. This student had the intensive amount 7 lessons a week and did his own work at home. His passion and commitment made him become an intermediate speaker in those 3 months, which is more than enough to handle many different scenarios from daily personal life to professional environments.

What do I need for the lessons?

For both trial lessons and regular ones all you will need to have is an internet connection, a working microphone and a Gmail account. A webcam is not absolutely necessary, but it definetely helps in increasing the interaction between me and my students.

You won’t need any textbook, but if you want to use one please let me know.

Once you contact us for your trial lesson, you can expect an e-mail from me with further instructions of how to set everything up for your lesson. Don’t worry, it’s dead easy!

Please, note: it’s your responsibility to have everything ready for the lesson. Should you need help with anything, feel free to contact us here in advance of the lesson so you will have all sorted out with time.

What is a regular lesson like?

Lessons normally have their own topic that help students to understand grammar, vocabulary and so on.  These concepts are worked using video, audio or written exercises that are used to then practice the concept speaking. Lessons last 60 minutes.

Will we be using particular book?

This will depend on your learning objectives and style. If you prefer structured learning, I can use a coursebook with you. If you think a more organic approach is just for you, then the lessons will be designed and planned according to your needs.

What about your methodology?
My methodology is based on understanding how to teach individual adult learners. Teaching Spanish for the last 4 years has been key to identify how to run the lessons in a dynamic way where the students not only feel they are learning new grammar and theory, but also see actual results when that knowledge has to be applied in real situations. This is my number one priority and it is what makes Espamundi unique when it comes to teach Spanish in the most possible efficient way.


Do you provide Spanish language certificates?
I offer preparation lessons for exams that are internationally recognised, such as the DELE and DIE (yes, DIE). Although, I don’t provide this certificates.
How will I schedule my lessons?

You can either have a weekly fixed timeslot or I can schedule your next lesson at the end of each one.

Can I reschedule or cancel a lesson?

Of course you can! You can reschedule or cancel a lesson ONLY if you let me know with at least 24 hours in advance. This notification MUST be done by e-mail or through our contact section. A lesson WILL NOT be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours before the start of the class, and the student will be charged as if the lesson has been delivered.

Please, note: I understand that some things are out of your control. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. Read more here.

Can I re-reschedule a lesson?
Sorry, but you can’t. There are no make-ups or rescheduling for make-up lessons
What happens if I'm late?

Being late can happen to the best of us. Although, if you know you are going to be late for a lesson please be considered and inform me as soon as you can.

If you are late for a lesson, it will have to be cut short. Let’s say, for example, that you arrive 10 minutes late. That means your lesson will be 50 minutes long.

You have to keep in mind that, for example, another student might have a lesson right after you.

Will I have homework?

Of course! Homework is fun and it goes from excercises to watching movies. I will focus on what you like and see how we can take advantage of it to improve your skills.


How can I pay for the lessons?

You can pay through wire transfer or PayPal so you can do your payment in a safe way. You will have all the details for the payments after your trial lesson.

Please, note: you don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment through this service. You can use both credit and debit card. Should you need more information, please read this.

Is your website secure for me to use?

Yes, it is. But you don’t really need to worry about that. This is what I mean.

If you decide to make a payment through wire transfer you won’t have to do it from this website, but from your own bank. 

If you decide to use PayPal precisely to make everything so much easier and secure for everyone. Using PayPal allows students and me to protect our data. In Espamundi I have NO ACCESS to my students sensitive information. It will be stored in PayPal servers and it’s completely alien to me.

Once I buy my lessons, do they expire?

Lessons do have an expiring date, and it varies depending on how you handle it.

If you inform me that you are going to be away and you let me know the date you are coming back, you will have a maximum of two months after your last lesson to have the remaining ones.

Although, if you don’t inform me of anything, lessons will expire one month after your last lesson.