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Best free anime to learn Spanish (II)

A few months ago, I shared a post with a selection of anime series which are very famous as many Spanish people grew up watching Heidi, Marco or Oliver and Benji. Today, I will share another selection of anime series to improve your listening...

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Common mistake using ‘to’ in Spanish

When I talk to my students or my English friends, they sometimes make the following mistake: "Me gusta A jugar al fútbol."  "Quiero A comer chocolate." "Es difícil A entender el texto" It is very common to think that "TO" is always translated as "A" in Spanish, but it...

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¿Cómo percibes el paso del tiempo?

[Texto adaptado de la revista Muy interesante] Según este estudio, el idioma que usamos altera nuestra percepción del tiempo. Si manejas bien otro idioma o has vivido alguna vez en otro país, seguro que más de una vez has tenido problemas al no encontrar las palabras...

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¿Por qué España va a contracorriente del resto del mundo? "Cuando te vas a vivir fuera o tienes contacto con españoles que se trasladan al extranjero te das cuenta que somos el patito feo de nuestro entorno" (José María Fernández-Crehuet,...

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Verb+ING as gerund or infinitive in Spanish?

When do I need to use "fumar" (to smoke) or "fumando" (smoking)?   This is a common question English speakers usually ask me and, actually, it is confusing for Spanish people too when we try to do the conversion to English. I use a simple explanation that works very...

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Best free Anime to learn Spanish (I)

In other posts, I've talked about alternative resources to learn Spanish, such as podcasts or series on Netflix. Today, I will share a selection of anime series to improve your listening skills. A few months ago, one of my students asked about...

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Present tense or Preterite perfect?

We sometimes make mistakes to translate sentences literally from our native language to another one. This happens because we don't use the same grammatical rules in Spanish and English. A common mistake English speakers usually make is that they use pretérito perfecto...

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